DIY backlit mountain range accent wall

It was time to update Everett’s room! The current decor is from his woodland themed nursery. I got to work making a new feature wall out of a giant 4 x 8 piece of plywood.  I had been in Utah the prior weekend and was majorly inspired by the landscape! Want to learn how to build a DIY backlit mountain range accent wall? Read below!

I sketched out my mountain design on the plywood board and then cut with this jigsaw. I then sanded those edges with 220 grit sandpaper. I planned to have 2 more layers of mountain range on top of this piece so repeated that process 2 more times. 

I painted the feature wall in Everett’s room my favorite Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams in a flat sheen. And of course as I was working on the wall I dropped paint on the carpet. I was able to get the paint out using Folex carpet cleaner, which is just truly amazing. If you haven’t gotten it yet you are missing out on some magic! 

I initially was going to prime the plywood before also painting it Tricorn Black, but I didn’t have any primer so I just went with it. I actually like the wood grain peeking through for this project. 

I nailed a cleat to the wall to hang my first and largest plywood piece. I quickly realized how tricky it was going to be to work with such a large piece of plywood by myself. I decided to pre-drill my screws in and that helped a lot! 

This side of the wall was actually a little longer than my plywood board so I needed to add another piece to the end to make it the correct length. I’ll make that seem disappear shortly by filling it with wood glue. I also filled the screw holes with wood glue and then sanded and touched up paint where needed. 

I found these awesome led strips to use to really bring the feature wall to the next level. I got mine here from BestBuy. These lights are so fun! You can control them from an app on your phone and they can be any color! They come with 3m sticky tape already applied for the backing and you can connect them to make them longer or cut to make shorter! 

Check out the impact of the finished feature wall! What do you think? To say Everett is obsessed is an understatement! This is the coolest nightlight ever! 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back for current & future DIY projects!

xx Lauren Elizabeth Burke

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