I was able to make these two planters with all scrap materials! Putting the florals together definitely made me more nervous than building the planter but I set out to The Growing Place Garden Center to get started! I picked out all the florals by finding colors I loved together and love how it turned out.

I had saved a dresser top from a recent flip and cut it down to make the box but you could use plywood for this step.

For the boxes I simply used the speed square tool to build a square to place around the planter pot. The pot is 16” so I made sure my box would be able to fit around it by making the measurements 17” 

Attach the sides to each other with 16 gauge nail gun.

My original idea was to rip plywood down to create a modern slats across the box but then I discovered I had leftover beadboard! This planter project was able to be made 100% by scrap materials I had on hand.

Cut each pole wrap section down to the height of the planter (mine is 17”) 

Attach pole wrap to box with wood glue and 18 gauge brad nails. 

Fill nail holes with wood filler. Just a tiny dab to fill the hole and immediately wipe with a baby wipe. 

I ran out of wood filler and ended up being able to use tan siding sealant I had on hand! 

What do you think? Are you more confident with plants or DIY?

What do you think? Are you more confident with plants or DIY?

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