The Project that Started it ALL

Before I started sharing DIY projects on Instagram I had never used a power tool in my life. I was super intimidated and thought no way could I ever do that. Although I have always loved interior design and have always been creative (thanks mom!)

When we were building our home in 2019 we decided we wanted to do some barn doors to save on space but still provide privacy as well as close off some spaces. We needed 7 in total. When I shared our plans with our builder and showed him the various designs on the doors I wanted (think modern barn door, not actually in a barn, door) he told me it would cost $15,000 😱 If you have ever built a home you know how quickly these up charges add up. We just couldn’t commit.

I was following along with Angela Rose from Angela Rose Home when I was inspired to try and build my own

From Dreams to Reality

I had just seen my friend Angela Rose, build her own modern barn door and I was beyond inspired! I told Kevin, if she can build one than WE can do it too! Remember at this point I had never touched a power tool and was SCARED. But my determination to get the look I wanted without paying $15,000 outweighed that fear.

So we set to work! Bought all our materials and a cheap double bevel sliding miter saw (the one I still use to this day!). At this point we were living with my parents between houses, so we did all the building in their garage. I’m glad they didn’t kick us out😆

This is the mud room door, we used Angela’s tutorial exactly
For the pantry doors & our closet doors we used tongue and groove shiplap

It took us a couple of weeks but by the time we were done we had saved over $13,000 by making these doors ourselves! Not only did we learn something new, I was able to get over my fear of power tools, get the high end look for a lot less AND it inspired my love for building and creating. Without this project I probably wouldn’t have started sharing projects on Instagram and this wouldn’t be my full time job! I am incredibly grateful.

And here is how the doors turned out in the space!!

Mud room door
Playroom doors

Back kitchen pantry doors

What do you think? Would you ever try this project? Thanks so much for reading!!

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